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SPORT: an inclusive tool for the disability View larger

SPORT: an inclusive tool for the disability


Autore: Antonio Ascione

Today, disability represents one of the principal social and
educational problems in of the entire community. The research
tools able to transform the approach to disability in inclusive
key becomes a fundamental priority in order to ensure a sustainable
development of the society.

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    The text is the result of the deepening of experience and research
    at national and international level and is meant to emphasize
    the importance of sport as a determinant capable of representing
    the inclusive tool necessary for disability.
    The Authors, in this regard, in this research work analyze the
    positive aspects resulting from the combination of sport and
    disability and determine the main educational, social and
    psycho-physical benefits that sporting activity generates in
    favor of persons with disabilities. Moreover, the contribution
    goes up to provide the methodological and special didactics
    elements necessary to offer a proposal of motor and sport activity
    is effective and efficient for the disabled.

    AutoreAscione, Antonio
    PrefazioneAntonio Ascione e Davide di Palma
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