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Multilingual and intercultural education in sports sciences View larger

Multilingual and intercultural education in sports sciences


a cura di Domenico Tafuri - Pagg. 146 (in inglese)

At a time when the English language has taken on a predominant role in
education systems, interest is growing in the ways in which English can
contribute to intercultural education and communication in a global context.
Multilingualism is a means to ensure the sustainability of cultural diversity
as the cornerstone of humanity, but also a tool that allows people to become more active citizens in increasingly diverse contexts and dynamic societies, both local and global.

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     By investigating the vital role that multilingualism can play in Sports education, the present work intends to provide students and athletes with a useful tool for improving their knowledge of the sports world, notably the phenomenon of doping addressed in Section 1, through CLIL, and developing their language skills. Given the movement of athletes across different countries and the use of English as the lingua franca of several sports, the volume aims to answer their need to become familiar with specialised language and terminology. Starting from recent articles published in specialised American journals and magazines, the language activities proposed in Section 2 focus on several topics and burning issues relating to the contemporary world of sports and PE.

    AutoreTafuri, Domenico (a cura di)
    CuratoreDomenico Tafuri
    Anno di pubblicazione2022

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